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"JDW Marketing is brilliant. Their lead generation programs are not only creative but also incredibly effective. In less than six months we had exceeded 200% of our quota."

Stacey Hurwitz
Director of Marketing On Demand Publishing (CreateSpace and BookSurge)
CreateSpace (An Amazon.Com Company)
On‐demand Publishing

Consulted with Amazon subsidiary CEO and Marketing Director. Defined and implemented a new sales and marketing strategy that grew the business significantly.

Goal: Achieve 100% of sales goal.
Situation: Company was less than 50% of sales plan.  Lead generation efforts were not working.  Company was “going for the close” on the first  web touch with any new prospect, leading to  low conversions and low marketing ROI.  
JDW Solution: Defined and implemented a new marketing and  sales strategy, and rolled out new front‐end  marketing programs and processes designed to  build a database for marketing and sales follow  up. Created back‐end programs to convert  prospects to leads and leads to sales.
Result: Increased sales results to 200% of plan and  maintained that over time. Marketing Director  got a promotion! 774.217.4041
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