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I started JDW Marketing back in 2002 because so many of my marketing colleagues who were frustrated with their marketing firms told me over and over that they wished they could just hire me to be their marketing firm. I was a corporate marketer like you. My colleagues would say, “Jeff, just go into business for yourself and I’ll hire you in a heartbeat.”

So I quit my job…started the firm…printed up business cards and…

…not a single one of them hired me!

I was persistent. I put the word out. And eventually I got my first client. A start-up in Burlington, Mass. that is still thriving today.

And here I am, nearly ten years later, with a great team, impressive results for a fantastic client roster, and a lot less hair.

Clients tell me they hire us because we understand the buying psychology behind the deliverable or program, and create solutions that convert that understanding into marketing that truly delivers results. We’re not just “stuff makers” – any firm can do that. We will understand your market dynamics and your target audience’s mindset and create highly differentiated, original solutions that motivate and inspire.

Thank you for visiting our web site. I hope you consider JDW Marketing to be part of your extended team. I invite you contact me today.

Jeff Weiner
JDW Marketing

JDW Consulting Services

JDW Marketing provides a range of consulting services to help you with strategic planning as well as fulfilling short-term needs you may have. If you need help on an extended basis ask about JDW Consulting Services.

We can help you in a number of ways, including:

>         Marketing Planning
>         Product Launches
>         Positioning and Messaging
>         Product Marketing
>         Marketing Communications

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JDW Marketing is a marketing and lead generation firm located just west of Boston. JDW Marketing offers a range of marketing solutions, including lead generation programs, prospect marketing programs, marketing campaigns, viral marketing programs, online marketing programs, sales collateral and sales tools, copywriting, graphic design, and marketing consulting.